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JK MOTION Ski Goggles
Men Youth Boys Women and Girls Anti Fog Snowboard Goggles UV400 ATV Snow Skiing Ski Glasses OTG Over-The-Glasses Interchangeable Lens Flexible Soft TPU Frame Helmet Compatible
Price : $32.95
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  • PEAK PERFORMANCE - UV400 & Anti-fog Protection Layer ski glasses. Perfect for going over prescription glasses. Anti fog snowboard goggle keeps you safe in foggy conditions.
  • SUITABLE SKI GOGGLES - for adult and teenagers. These UV ski goggle have a maximum length strap of 21.7 inches (stretched) and a minimum of 12.2 inches. Buy 4 pairs of snow goggles for the whole family for going on that skiing trip you've continued to put off.
  • SNOWBOARD GOGGLES - has extra-flexible strap made of soft durable nylon and dacron. Never worry about the strap failing you over the years. Whenever you get your strap wet, which happens often; it won't deteriorate the strap material.
  • SKI GOGGLES UV PROTECTION - come with a flexible frame. These goggles skiing will not have an issue bending under intense situations. Even if you fall, this flexible frame of ski goggles will hold up and bend with the fall to minimize the pressure of being pushed harder against your face.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENS - goggles ski allows you to switch up your lens in all different conditions. The lenses are quite secure, and you never have to worry about them falling off when you're skiing, snowboarding, ATVing, etc.

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